I wish I was brave
I wish I was stronger
wish I could feel no pain
wish I was young
wish I was shy
I wish I was honest
wish I was you not I

I feel so mad
I feel so angry
feel so callous
So lost, confused, just bad
feel so cheap
So used, unfaithful
Let's start over

I wish I was smart
I wish I made cures for
How people are
I wish I had power
I wish I could lead
I wish I could change the world
For you and me

I look for my friends but i can't remember if i came alone or not. Doesn't matter though, there's hundreds of people who have waited all their lives, no doubt, to be my friend.

I don't mind, he is fat. No one likes him. Life's too short. I pass a table of black girls with short hair, they look like men, they all look the same.


I am your butterfly. I need your protection. Need your pr♥tection.


No quiero estar sola, dicen que no es bueno estar sola.